Managing Multi-Race Bundles

Modified on 17 May


Managing Multi Race Bundles 

To view and and manage created multi race bundles select Multi-Race Registration > Multi-Race Bundles 

Once bundles are set up they appear on this list, where you get a quick summary of pricing, which events are included, how many participants have signed up and options to edit, copy and disable.

Advanced Settings

Display Settings

Under Advanced Settings > Display Settings, RunSignup allows you to edit the bundle event tile. Below are the settings you are able to customize:

  1. Bundle Highlight
  2. Custom Wording
  3. Event Tile Background Image
  4. Event Tile Overlay Color


Giveaway Settings

Under Advanced Settings > Giveaway Settings, you will be able to setup giveaway mappings between each race. When registering, participants will see a giveaway selection box for each registered event. To make it easier on the participant, you can match the giveaways between events so that the proper option (e.g. size) for all events will be selected when the participant selects an option in the first event.

The benefit of setting up Giveaway mapping is this will allow the participant to only choose one Giveaway instead of having to choose and option for each event.

Setup Steps:

  • Auto Matching
    • This will quickly map all giveaways with the matching text you can select the “Quick Match” button to do this.

  • Manual Matching
    • Choose the matching options from each race by clicking on the corresponding radio buttons and then click on the green ‘Add Mapping’ button

  • Click on ‘Save Giveaway Mappings’ to save your changes.

In the registration path, all Giveaway options will still show but based on the selection of the first Giveaway, the other selections will automatically change.  The user does have the option to choose different options  if they want or if one option  is sold out for example.

Question Settings

By default, only the questions for the primary race during registration are asked. You can enable questions for all races and map questions between races so participants do not need to answer the same question multiple times. When questions are mapped, the question will appear multiple times (except if hidden) and we auto-select the same question response for mapped questions if it contains the same response text.

Add-On Settings

By default, only the add-ons for the primary race during registration are asked, but you can enabled add-ons to show for all races

Bib Assignment Settings

By default, participants are given a bib for each race/event that they register for. Alternatively, you can set up a bib range for bundle participants where one bib is used across all races/events. Note that this will take precedence over event or corral bib ranges.