Becoming a Fundraiser

Modified on 22 November

Becoming a Fundraiser allows users to create a goal for multiple donors to apply their donations to. Additionally, users can create Fundraising Teams to allow multiple Fundraisers to apply their Donations towards a common goal.

Fundraising Teams are not groups of participants. Keep in mind that RunSignup's Fundraising Team system is separate from it's Group/Team system. To learn how to view, manage, create, or join a Group/Team see our guides on Groups/Teams.


Become a Fundraiser

The process of becoming a fundraiser is very straightforward and begins with you entering in "Your Fundraiser Name". By default, fundraiser names auto-fill to be your name if logged in, because you are the fundraiser.

IMPORTANT: "Your Fundraiser Name" is not a "Fundraising Team Name". "Fundraising Teams" are groupings of "Fundraisers" working towards a collective goal, which is why the norm for "Fundraiser Names" is usually your name.

During Registration

If a race has Fundraisers enabled, you may be given the option to become a Fundraiser inside of the registration process.

Step by Step:
  1. Navigate to the Race Page.
  2. Select Donate from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Select Become a Fundraiser.
  4. Enter in a name for your Fundraiser
  5. Enter in a goal for your new Fundraiser
  6. Add a message to describe your Fundraiser
  7. Complete your registration

Provided that the race you are registering for allows users to become fundraisers, at some point during the registration process, you will arrive at the "Race Donations" page. On this page, you will find the "Become a Fundraiser" button to click where the personal fundraiser options will be opened up to you.

Outside of Registration

RunSignup allows races to setup their Donations so that users can become a fundraiser with or without registering for a race itself.

After Registration

If the option to become a fundraiser is available to you, then it can be found after registration by going to your Profile page, clicking on My Registered Races, and then selecting "Manage Registration". On the "Manage Registration" page, you can set up your fundraiser by going to the tab labeled "Fundraiser".

Step by Step:
  1. Sign In to RunSignup
  2. Go to your Profile
  3. Click My Registered Races
  4. Click Manage next to the registration to Manage
  5. Click Fundraiser in the left-hand sidebar to begin

Note: If this tab is not available to you, then the race director has not enabled fundraisers for their race.

The "Fundraiser" tab will redirect you to the "Donate" tab of the race page, and if you scroll down to the section labeled "New Fundraiser Linked to Registration", then you will find the personal fundraiser options are opened up to you.

Without Registering

If the option to become a fundraiser is available to you, then you can become a fundraiser without registering for the race by going to the "Donate" tab on the race page, scrolling down the page, and clicking on the button labeled "Become a Fundraiser". This will open up the personal fundraiser options to you.

Step by Step:
  1. Navigate to the Race Page.
  2. Select Donate from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Select Become a Fundraiser.
  4. Fill in your Fundraiser information.

Creating Your Fundraiser

If you are becoming a fundraiser while not logged into your account, and you are not registering for a race at the time, then you will find a section for "Your Information". Here you will be asked to enter in your "First Name", "Last Name", "Email" and a "Password". This will create an account for you on RunSignup, so that you are able to log back into the site and Manage your fundraiser.

Fundraiser Information

Regardless of whether you created your Fundraiser while registering, or outside of registration, you will be asked to enter the same information regarding your fundraiser.

Fundraiser Page URL

Your "Fundraiser Page URL" can also be customized to allow for easier sharing amongst friends and family. Simply enter in text that is unique to your fundraiser after "", and remember that spaces are not permitted in a URL. The URL must contain only alphanumeric characters, underscores (_), or dashes (-).

Personal Message

You can enter in a "Personal Message to Display on Your Fundraising Page". This text can be customized with different headings and content, including links and lists, and will appear on your RunSignup fundraiser page.

Fundraiser Image

You can upload a "Fundraiser Image" by clicking "Choose File" and selecting one from your computer.

The image must be at least 200x200 pixels. The maximum file size is 5MB.

To delete a fundraiser image that has already been set, check off the box for "Remove Current Image".

To replace a fundraiser image, simply upload the new image by clicking "Choose File", and the old fundraiser image will be overwritten.

Fundraiser Goals & Event Fees

Enter in the amount of money you hope to collect with donations into the "Your Fundraiser Goal" field.

If you are registering at the time of your fundraiser setup, then the "Your Fundraiser Goal" field may be auto-filled to a certain goal amount. If this is the case, then this race is set up for "Waived Event Fees" with a "Fundraising Minimum". If you leave your fundraiser goal at this minimum or higher, then you agree to raise at least the minimum amount required, and your race fee will be waived when you arrive at the checkout page. In order to verify this, check off the box indicating "I agree to meet the fundraiser minimum. Registration fee will be waived."

Using the checkboxes, decide whether you would like to "Show Goal Thermometer" and/or if you would like to "Show Scrolling List of Donors". You can also hide your fundraiser from public lists so that it is only accessible via your direct link.