Manage Your Fundraiser

Modified on 21 September

If you have already created a fundraiser or team fundraiser on RunSignup, as is explained in How to Create a Fundraiser or Team Fundraiser, then you can view your fundraiser, as well as any donations made to it, and you can make edits to your fundraiser if necessary.

The steps explained in this tutorial will apply to viewing and editing both the individual fundraiser, and the team fundraiser.

To begin, sign into your RunSignup account, go to your Profile, then scroll down the page, and click on the link for “My Fundraisers”.

From the “My Fundraisers” page, you can view all of fundraisers for the users on your account.

Please note that not all races allow for fundraisers to be managed after creation so these options may not be available for all fundraisers. 

Table of Contents

Step by Step:
  1. Sign In to RunSignup
  2. Go to your Profile
  3.  Scroll down to your Fundraising section of your profile.
  4. Click Edit Fundraiser next to the fundraiser to Manage.
  5. Change your fundraiser name, goal, URL, message, or image from here.

Editing a Fundraiser

To edit your fundraiser follow the below steps

    1.  Find the fundraiser you would like to manage

    2.  Select “Edit Fundraiser” button to access your Fundraiser Management Page.

If you are currently viewing donations, or viewing your share options, then you can find your way to the Fundraiser Management page by clicking on the button for “Edit Fundraiser”.

On the fundraiser management page, you can edit your 

  1.  Fundraiser Name
  2.  Fundraising Goal
  3.  Turn on or off your goal thermometer, and/or your scrolling list of donors.
  4.  Fundraiser URL
  5.  Personal Message to display on your fundraiser page
  6.  Fundraiser Image
  7.  Hide your fundraiser from public lists
    1. While hidden your fundraiser will still be visible via the direct link

More details on these features can be found in the Becoming a Fundraisersection of “How to Create an Individual Fundraiser or Team Fundraiser.”

Once your edits are made, then you can click on “Save Fundraiser Changes”... and you will receive confirmation that your fundraiser has been updated.

You can then scroll down the page, and go “Back to Fundraisers”, to return to the “My Fundraisers” page.

Viewing Donations

On the “My Fundraisers” page, you can click on “View Donations”, and this will allow you to see who has donated to your fundraiser.

You can also arrive at this page using the menu buttons to the left of the screen. If you are currently editing your fundraiser, or viewing your share options, then you can find your way to the donation viewing page by clicking on the button for “View Donations”.

On this page will be useful if you are planning on sending out personalized thank you messages to all of the donors to your fundraiser.

Please note, a general thank you message is usually sent out by the race. The default email will say “Thank you for your donation!”; but the race is allowed to edit and add to this message. For more information on what the race’s standard donation confirmation email says, please contact them directly, by going to the Race Page, scrolling down to the Race Contact Info section, and filling out the Questions form.

Sharing Your Fundraiser

On the “My Fundraisers” page, you can click on the “Fundraiser URL”, open up the “Manage Fundraiser” options, and click on “Links/Sharing”, in order to find your fundraiser sharing options.

Here you will find your Fundraiser URL, which you can copy and share with people who are interested in donating to your fundraiser.

Additionally, RunSignup provides each fundraiser with a QR code that links directly to your fundraiser URL. You can include it in your promotional materials. To save it, right-click the QR code below, and select “Save Image As” or similar option.

You can click “Send Email”, to send out an email to your contacts, requesting that they help support your fundraiser.

Deleting Your Fundraiser

In order to delete a fundraiser, you will need to contact the race directly.

You can reach them by going to the Race Contact Info section of the race page and filling out the Questions form, or, if you are already registered, you can use the email listed at the bottom of your registration confirmation email.