Modify Multiple Events

Modified on 24 January

Modify Multiple Events

Certain setup options will allow you to modify the settings for multiple events at the same time.  This tutorial will walk you through the general process.

For certain RunSignup features you will be given the option to change settings simultaneously across multiple events.

This can be done by clicking on the button labeled "Modify Multiple Events".

Selecting Multiple Events

At which point, the edit multiple events window will pop up for you. Within this window, you can use the checkboxes to select only the events that you want to apply identical settings to or you can hit select all and check off all events.

Editing Event Fields

By default all of the fields are disabled and they will appear as slightly faded. When you click on a field, you will notice that it is no longer remains faded and therefore that field is enabled. Any changes made to an enabled field will apply to all of the events that are selected above.

If you decide that you do not want to change a field across all of the selected events anymore, then simply click the escape key while on that field and it will become faded out and disabled once more. 

The faded fields will not be altered for any of the events in your race. Any information existing in those fields, unique or identical, will remain unchanged. 

In the edit multiple events pop-up window, the fields can be edited in the same manner as they would be for individual events. When you are finish editing the necessary fields, click on the button for "copy to events" and the enabled fields will then be changed across all of the selected events.

As always, be sure to save your changes!