Bulk Deferral Tool

Modified on 31 January

For races who are deferring all or many participants to next year’s event, we have a new bulk deferral tool to help you process them.

Navigate to Participants >> Participant Management >> Bulk Deferrals. You will get to a screen that allows you either add participants to defer either by Registration ID, or by one of a few Quick Fill options.

Your Quick Fill options include:

  • Add all participants from any specific event in the race
  • Add all participants who selected the “Stay in Race Option” on the Cancel or Postpone pop-up tool.

The “Stay in Race” option is available within bulk deferrals because we have seen many races using the tool with that option while making the “postponement” a full year (to next year’s date)

If you have a different list of deferrals (for example, if you used a different option on the Cancel or Postpone tool to indicate a deferral), you can also add them by Registration ID. If you want to pull a set of participants from the Cancel or Postpone Pop-Up 0other than “Stay in Race), you can download registration ID’s directly from Race >> Cancel or Postpone Race >>Participant Decision Report.

Once you have added your deferrals, either by Registration ID or by Quick Fill Options, click on “Review Deferred Registrations” and you will be able to verify that the correct registrants are being deferred:

Click on the “Deferred Registrations” button to complete the process.

When you’re ready to get everyone registered and ready for next year, you can:

  • Use the new Defer via Race Transfer Option to allow participants to automatically claim their deferral and and register after you renew the race for the following year.
  • Pull your list of deferred runners from Reports >> Not Registered >> Deferred Registration and use your report to create coupons or reserved entries for your deferred participants.