Downloading Participants Through The API

Modified on 11 January

- You will use this API.

- event_id can be a CSV of multiple event IDs for the race

- results_per_page cannot be more than 2500

- You can either set page=2, 3, etc. to get further pages OR set the sort field to registration_id ASC and update after_registration_id after each page.  Either way, it’s probably best to set the sort field to registration_id ASC.

- When fetching pages, you can be efficient by only getting the next page if the number of participant you received back from the current call equals results_per_page.

- After the initial download of participants, I’d recommend updating modified_after_timestamp with each future call to only get the updates.  I’d set it to the about 10 seconds in the past to account for possible time differences on the user’s computer.

- If you use JSON, please note that there was a bug in our initial code and it’s still there to not break existing implementations.  The “participants” array on individual events is always empty.  Instead, all event participants are listed together in the top level “participants” field.

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