Posting Results Through The API

Modified on 20 March

- Results are posted to “Result Sets” tied to an event in the race.  An event can have multiple result sets if you want.  You can create the result set via this API.  You can set alternative event IDs if the results span multiple events in RunSignUp.

- If you want to do splits, you can set them up with this API.  You can view existing splits for a result set with this API.

- If you want to post division results (i.e. age group results), you can set them up via the APIs under the “Race Divisions” heading on

- You can post division placements via this API or when you are posting the full results.

- You probably want to call this API to disable us from computing division placements and send the placements you calculated.

- If you want to post custom columns, you can set them up via the APIs under the “Results - Custom Fields” heading on

- You can use the Post Event Results API to post the results.

- It would be best to set up the result sets and other meta data first.  Then incrementally post the results (vs. clearing the results and re-uploading everything when a change happens).

When posting results, it is highly recommended to post registration ID and not send participant information fields (name, address, etc.)