RunSignUp fees are calculated based on the total at checkout, not per registration. This can save your registrants money when they register multiple runners and/or make additional purchases.

For example, if your race fee is $20.00, one registrant will pay $2.50 for a total of $22.50. But if someone registers with a friend the total at checkout will be $40.00 and the fee will be $3.00 or $21.50 each. And a family of 4 registering together would pay even less $80.00 x 6% = $4.80 or $21.20 each. You can see our full pricing here.

Additionally, donations get their own, lower processing fee! If you do not know what type of payment account you have, see here. If you would like to upgrade to an Advanced Payment account to get the lowest fee on donations, go to your Race Dashboard and navigate to Financial -> Payment Setup -> Set Up a New Account (Make sure to check Advanced Payment). For assistance, contact

Please see the answers to the question "How do I receive the lower processing fee for donations?".