Add Event Soft Caps

Modified on 19 January

Event Soft Caps

This is very useful for wave races, for example, obstacle course races. The basic idea is that you may have a cap of the number of people in a wave, but you want their friends to be able to join them in that same wave – so you need a “soft cap” to prevent new people from registering unless they are a part of a team. 

Setting up Soft Caps

To begin setting soft caps, head over to your race dashboard and select Race > Registration > Participant Caps > Click Here to Enable Soft Caps

Simply enter in the soft cap for the specific event and then the overall participant cap for the event. In the below example, the overall cap of the half marathon event is 300 while the soft cap for a team is 5. 

Joining a Team with Soft Caps Enabled

Continuing with the above example, if we take a look at the half marathon event, we see that the event is now full as we have hit the 300 cap limit.

However, if participants head over to the front end race page and select Groups/Teams to join the team, we will be able to join the team and register for the marathon event as the team has not reached the 5 person soft cap.