Add Photos

Modified on 16 November

Add Photos

RunSignup's Photos allows you to showcase your race's photos and integrate them with results and allow participants to see their photos. This guide will walk you through how to add photos to your race.

To Upload Photos:
Dashboard -> Photos -> Upload Photos


Next, will be selecting the Event Date you would like to upload your photo(s) to.


Next, will be to select the Photo Album. 

Lastly, you will need to drag your photo or click the link to add a file from your computer and upload your photos.

To Setup Custom Locations: 
Dashboard -> Photos -> Upload Photos


Next you will have to select the Event Date that the location is going to be added for.


Once, you select the Event Date you want to add the Location for you will need to select the Create New Album option. 

Once selected you will be provided a text field to enter the Location Name.


To View Photos (Admin View):
Dashboard -> Photos -> View & Manage Photos

To Manage Bibs (i.e., remove bib tags for specific numbers or ranges)

Dashboard -> Photos -> View & Manage Photos

Note: You will need to update bib management for each location in use. For more information please take a look at our Photo Bib Management blog post:

To Add Photos nearby:
Dashboard -> Photos -> Photo Albums
Note: You have to have results in RunSignup for this. What this does is automatically aligns the finish time with the time that is put onto each photo.

1. You will need to click the actions menu on the finish line album to enable the finish line photos.


2. You will enable the finish line photos and enter the estimated start time. Then a Near Your Finish on a participant’s photos page.


To Add or Remove Bib Tags by Individual Photo:
Dashboard -> Photos -> View and Manage Photos
Note: You can edit bib tags from either view; Advanced Mode is just easier

To switch over to the Advanced Mode there is a tab in the top left corner.



Then you will need to select the image you would like to edit the bib tags on. The tags can be deleted by clicking the “X” next to the bib number. To add tags, you will just need to type the bib number you want to add.


To Add or Remove a Race or Sponsor Logo: Clear Photos and Watermarks
Dashboard -> Photos -> Photos Setup

Simply choose to apply a sponsor watermark in either the lower left or right corners of your race photos as shown on the right.


Clear Photos and Watermarks

You can clear watermarks on photos you have uploaded in case you make a mistake or change sponsors by unchecking the watermark box and saving to start over. If you have switched sponsors, you can choose another sponsor logo from the list to use. 

To View Photos (Runner View):
Race Website -> Photos
Or, if you are using RunSignUp Results...
Race Website -> Results -> Search for Runner -> View Photos

And a few best practices...

* To limit errors in Google Vision tagging, use 4-digit bib numbers (1000+), and exclude tagging of numbers under 1,000

* When uploading Finish Line photos from multiple cameras, keep them in separate sets so that the timestamps are consistent throughout the set