How to Renew Your Race

RunSignUp makes it simple to renew a race for new year. This allows you to quickly renew the race and update information such as dates and pricing.


If you have a race that is reoccurring in some way, such as one that takes place annually, it is beneficial for you and your runners to renew the race instead of copying a race or creating a new one. 

Renewing a race will keep it located at the existing URL and will allow certain aspects such as your Race Store and Custom Questions to remain in place.The Race Results page will also grow cumulatively year after year. There are many other reporting features that will allow you to compare year over year as well.

Renew My Race!

To renew your race start by going to the Race Dashboard of your past Races by logging on to RunSignUp > Profile > My Races. Click the orange "Renew My Race" button to get started.

After clicking the "Renew My Race" button you will be taken to the Renew Race Form. This will let you change the event names, types, and starting times for your race if necessary.

Renew Race form

The Renewal Settings will allow you to select options from the previous version of your race and copy those settings over to the new version of your race.

Renew Events information

This menu lists for you all the events for your Race. If you are looking to change the event name, start/end times, please fill this form out. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Renew Race Settings

This menu lists all of the settings that were used previously. By default, the settings are set to be carried over to your renewed Race. If you are looking to not carry over a specific setting, please uncheck the box.

NOTE: If you had donations in the previous version of your race it is recommended that you check the box to create a new donation period. This will reset the donation counter and separate this donation period information from the previous one.

Payment Account Information

This menu shows the Payment Account that is currently processing transactions for this Race. The "click here" link will direct you to the Manage Payment Account page. If you do not want your Race to process transaction under this Payment Account, you can set up a new payment account via the Race Wizard > Payments tab. For more information, see here.

If you are not able to view the Manage Payment Account page, this means you do not have ownership of this Payment Account. For access, please contact the Payment Account owner provided to you on the Manage Payment Account page. For additional assistance, contact

RunSignUp Contract

Finally, the last step of the Renewal process is to look over our RunSignUp contract and agree to its terms. You can view our RunSignUp Race Contract here.

Renew Race Success

Once you have finished modifying the Event Information and Renewal Settings click on the button for Renew Race.

You will then receive a confirmation message letting you know that your race has been renewed.This puts you back into the Race Wizard where you can continue through for any other updates you may need.


While the Renew Race feature will easily copy your info from last year's race to the current year, there are some things that you want to check to make sure everything is correct for your new race:

Plain Text - Any text in the Description or Custom Section will be copied exactly as written. Dates in plain text will not update like with the Registration Periods.

USAT - If you are renewing an event using USAT Event IDs then you will need to manually update the renewed race with the new USAT Event ID.