View Payment Accounts & Add Access

Modified on 09 April

The Payment Account menu allows you to view/manage the list of your payment accounts and legal entities.

You can view this page by navigating to the My Payment Accounts tab under the profile icon.

On this page, you are able to view/manage the following features:

  1. Manage Payment Account
  2. Manage Legal Entity

Your Payment Accounts

This chart shows you a list of all your payment accounts.

Payment Account

Lists the Payment Account ID # and the payment account name.


The platform that your payment account is processing transactions

  • Adyen - Primary payment processor
  • Vantiv - Secondary payment processor


General information including Legal Entity, Sub-merchant name, Method of payment.


Link to your Manage Payment Account page. You can learn more about managing your Payment Account in How-To Manage Payment Accounts

Your Legal Entities

This chart shows you a list of all your Legal Entities.

Legal Entity

This column shows the names of the Legal Entity on your account.


Link to your Manage Legal Entity page.

On that page, you can update your legal entity’s information here including Legal Entity’s name, Principal, etc. 

If you are not able to update this information, this means that your Legal Entity is approved by the merchant bank. In order to make changes, you will need to provide supporting documents indicating the need for a change.

Hide Accounts

You have the option to permanently hide the selected payment accounts from anyone with access to your RunSignUp account including yourself. Once hidden, you will not be able to unhide the payment account. If you need this unhidden, please contact

Add Access

Allows you to invite someone to manage your Payment Account or Legal entity. You have the to grant Admin or Use only levels.

  • Admin - Full access to the legal entity. Able to view/manage your legal entity.
  • Use Only - Limited access to the legal entity. Able to use the legal entity as their own when creating new payment accounts.

This option is available via Profile > Payment Accounts > Manage (Payment Account OR Legal Entity) > Add Access