The Advanced Payment offers the following features (Not available on a Quick Start account):

  1. More detailed financial reporting
  2. Lower donation fees for donations of only 4%
  3. A longer descriptor field which helps reduce the incidence of chargebacks
  4. Quicker settlement and payment of American Express transactions (daily versus 2 to 3 days under Quick Start)
  5. Less delay on weekly payments (settlements through Monday instead of the previous Friday)
  6. Direct deposit payments available as monthly, weekly or daily; check payments available weekly only
  7. Eliminates the need for separate pay outs of reserve funds by check
  8. Allows for the funding of the reserve of a linked race by transferring funds from another linked race

If you would like to upgrade to an Advanced Payment account,  go to your Race Dashboard and navigate to Financial -> Payment Setup -> Set Up a New Account (Make sure to check Advanced Payment). For assistance, contact (When possible we recommend you upgrade on a non-active race and then transfer active races to the approved account.)