How do I Issue Bulk Refunds?

RunSignup gives the ability for Race Directors to initiate refunds in bulk, right from the Race Dashboard.This way you will not need to individually refund each and every participant if you need to issue refunds for a large group of your participants.

Bulk Refund can be found via Race Dashboard > Participants > Participant Management > Bulk Refunds.

If you need to issue refunds one at a time, please see our guide on How To Issue a Refund. If you would like to enable refunds for your Race so that participants will have the option of initiating a refund themselves, please see our guide on How To Enable Refunds For Your Race

Registration IDs

Before you can begin issuing refunds in bulk you will need to obtain a list of Registration IDs that belong to the registrants that you would like to refund. 

Registration IDs can be found by using either of the Download as CSV options found under the Export Options menu of the View Participants report as explained in How To View Participant Reports. Once you have this list you can begin the Bulk Refund Process by coping the Registration IDs column on your CSV file and pasting the IDs on the Registration IDs field.

Tip: If you are looking to bulk refund a specific group of participants, then please Customize your Participant report to show the specific group of participants via Report Options > Customize View > Select/remove fields > Customize. For more information, see Customize View here.

Bulk Refund Options

Include Processing Fees

By default, the processing fee is paid by the participant based on their total check out price shown here. If you are wanting to issue Full Refund to participants, then please check the box Include Processing Fees. Otherwise, leave this box uncheck.

Have the Race Pay the Refund Fee?

There is a  $1.00 refund fee for each participant that is refunded. By default, the refund fee of $1.00 is paid by the participant.  If you wanting to issue Full Refund to participants, then please check the box Have the race pay the $1.00 refund fee per registration. Otherwise, leave the box unchecked.

Leave Participants in Race

Use this option if you would like to issue refunds, but not remove these registrants from the Race. A use case for this if you are wanting to issue Partial Refunds for a group of participants but do not wish to remove the participants as registered runners. 

Max Refund Amount

This option sets a Max Refund amount for each refund transaction. You can use this to issue Partial Refunds to the group of participants. For instance, if you would like to issue a $5 refund to this group of Registration IDs, set this value to $5.

RunSignup charges a $1 Refund Processing Fee for each refund issued through the site.

This means that you must plan to have more in your Refund Reserve than the original Amount Paid for each participant that you are refunding.

Also, each person within a bulk refund is counted as an individual refund. This means that if you have 10 people in a bulk refund, then the total of the $1 Refund Processing Fees will be $10.

For example, if you would like to issue full refunds to 2 registrants that paid $20 each for a total of $40, you will need to add $42 dollar to the refund reserve.

Note: If you would like to avoid the Processing fee for adding funds to the Refund Reserve, then refer to adding funds from future registrations and adding funds via check here.